Window Retaining Strips & Glazing

Retaining strip & glazing bead are the pieces that snap in around the glass to keep it securely in the window. Replace it when it gets brittle from the elements to eliminate draftiness.

Parts shown are most common parts. If you don’t see yours, call or e-mail us and we can research it for you.

Window Retaining Strips & Glazing from National Screen & Glass




Located in Westland, Michigan, we provide Window Retaining Strips & Glazing for windows and patio doors. We also carry parts for Window Retaining Strips & Glazing including the frame, hardware, and other components. Our specialty is creating custom fit Window Retaining Strips & Glazing to ensure a perfect fit every time.

We are the leading supplier of replacement window screens, parts, and blinds in Michigan, serving Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, the entire Midwest; and nationwide from New York and Pennsylvania to Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas. Call National Screen & Glass for a perfect fit for your Window Retaining Strips & Glazing.

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